ServicesInformation Security Solutions helps clients to solve their most critical cyber challenges by employing sophisticated and innovative strategies that help to prevent and detect threats, identify and resolve vulnerabilities, and reinforce network defenses and security policies.

Cyber Security Threat mitigation strategies and techniques, network and vulnerability analysis, malware detection and reporting, media forensics analysis and support.

ISS currently provides a variety of software assurance services support to the Federal government, including advisory participation and support to the Software Assurance Forum, a joint initiative of the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, dedicated to the mission of promoting secure software development practices. ISS also provides cyber security exercise planning support for national- and international-level exercises to enhance coordinated responses to cyber incidents of national significance.

Cyber Intelligence Analysis Multi-source analysis, network and vulnerability analysis, intelligence analysis, threat analysis and reporting, information assurance analysis, network and media forensics analysis, malicious code analysis, computer network operations (CNO) synchronization planning and support.

ISS is providing various departments and agencies of the Federal Government with a vast array of cyber security analysis services including; Cyber Security Strategic Planning, Cyber Security Analysis, Cyber Exercise Training Support, Cyber Security Management. ISS also provides services in the area of continuous monitoring and response, such as Malware Triage and Reverse Engineering support.

Information Security Security Architectures, vulnerability testing and security, remediation strategies, identity management and security controls, Network operations planning and support, Computer Network Operations Synchronization Support, Information Assurance, ROI Risks/Benefits, Return on Investment for Security (defending the security spend), conducting and evaluating feasibility studies, privacy programs consulting.