About Us

AboutInformation Security Solutions (ISS) is a leading provider of expert cyber security consulting services and solutions to the public sector. The company is recognized in the industry for technology excellence and innovation in the areas of cyber security, information technology security, and cyber intelligence. ISS is a trusted advisor to the Federal Government, highly valued for its contributions in solving critical cyber security challenges that impact national security.

ISS was founded by Nolan Clifford, a well-respected thought leader in the Cybersecurity industry. Mr. Clifford’s passion for taking on the most complex and sophisticated cyber challenges for clients, has enabled him to set a rapid-growth strategy for his company. Mr. Clifford promotes a positive, collaborative approach with his team, his strategic business partners, and his clients. He believes that collaboration leads to innovation, and innovation leads to service solutions that surpass expectations.

Our Mission

Our company has the mission is to deliver the latest advances in Cyber Security, Information Security, and Cyber Intelligence to the Intelligence Community, and other Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government. We pride ourselves in bringing to clients, cost-effective, proven solutions that protect against cyber threats, and ensure data integrity and cyber resilience in their critical IT infrastructures. Through collaboration and innovation, we strive to help clients to build a roadmap— to reach their cyber goals and support their mission—which will deliver continuing value.